Private Investigations and Process Service

Cheating Spouse/Infidelity Investigations

If you suspect that your significant other is having an affair, we can provide you with the proof that you need to confirm or deny your suspicions.  We are highly skilled at catching unfaithful spouses and utilize covert tactics to avoid detection, maintain your confidentiality and maximize results.  When necessary, we utilize covert GPS tracking to aid our surveillance investigations without arousing the suspicion of your spouse.  At the conclusion of our investigation we will provide you with a professional surveillance report, photographs and video. The number of cheating spouses in Atlanta and nationwide are at an all time high.  If you want to put your suspicions at ease and know the truth, call us for a free consultation. 

Child Custody and Child Support Investigations

If you are concerned about your child/children's living situation, can't locate a deadbeat parent and need the evidence to present to your lawyer in order to gain custody, call us.  Often times children residing with an unfit parent are subject to verbal and physical abuse, neglect, and more. We can document poor living conditions, unauthorized visits/travel, abuse and substance abuse on behalf of the parent with custody. We also locate hard to find individuals trying to avoid paying child support.

Background Investigations

Be confident with who you are dealing with.  Our comprehensive background investigations will provide you with the information you need to make the right decision in your situation.  These investigations are beneficial when it comes to child custody, pre marital investigations, cheating spouse cases, potential business deals and more. 

GPS Tracking

Our covert GPS trackers can help with a variety of investigations to include cheating spouses, teen tracking and even business vehicle/fleet tracking.  If you need this type of service, call us.

Cell Phone Trace

If you have been dealing with a stalker or harassing phone calls we can help.  We have access to the most up to date databases and can verify the owner name and address of the phone that has been making your life more difficult.

Pre Employment Background Checks

Our pre employment background checks are very thorough and can be tailored for your company to provide you with the information you request.  If you require address verification, education verification, criminal history, etc., we are more than capable of processing your background investigation needs. 


If you have been a victim or need to catch an employee in the act, we are the investigators for the job.  Merchandise can be stolen from warehouses, trucks, stores and office locations.  We utilized old fashioned surveillance and covert cameras when the case requires. Theft prevention can save your company thousands of dollars and keep you from losing hard earned profits.

Skip Tracing

Our skip tracing expertise can help you locate a hard to find debtor, witness or others that are intent on not being found.

Due Diligence

If you need the history on an individual that you are about to partner up with to expand your business, our due diligence investigations are in depth and will give you the answers that you need before you close the deal with a potential associate.

Mystery Shopping

Knowing if your employees are providing the customer service that your company is known for or are following the proper protocol can obtain or lose business.  We provide high quality mystery shopping with a covert camera to give you an accurate assessment of how day to day operations are functioning. 

Unlisted Services

If you or your company require as service that is not listed on our page, give us a call.  If we cannot perform your investigation, we can refer you to an investigator that can.