Private Investigations and Process Service

Suspicions driving you crazy?

Worried your spouse is cheating or your business partner stealing? Speculating about the loyalty of a partner or spouse can drive you crazy. And if you are wrong, your suspicious could ruin the relationship. The foremost reason clients call a private investigator is to discover a cheating spouse, so your worries could be based in truth, and many times is. Call us to learn the truth, your inquiries and investigation is just between us and is held in strict confidentiality. If you are correct, and your mate or partner is cheating, get the goods on them to use in court before they dupe you any further, and this discovery information will be invaluable to your attorney.

Why hire a private investigator?

A private investigator can put your mind at ease with the truth. It is the not knowing that drives most people nuts. A private investigator can prepare a client to win in court with transcripts, photos and videos, exposing the deception created by the other party. So, a private investigator can save you lots of money. And the other thing most people are unaware of is that only a licensed private investigator can legally follow someone and take photography of someone? An unlicensed person following and photographing someone could end up in jail.

How do I choose a private investigator?

Prior to hiring a private investigator, make sure the investigator is licensed by the Licensing Board in their state. Verify the investigator has the right equipment to do the job, and ask about his success rate?

What percentage of spousal cheating suspicions are correct?

A good majority are correct, as high as 85%. If you feel your spouse is cheating, you are probably right. But it is far better to know, than to suspect and worry, which is an emotional nightmare.

What tips do you have when hiring a private investigator discreetly?

After browsing on the internet to learn more about private investigators, erase your browsing history. Whenever calling a private investigator from your cell phone, erase your call history. Refrain from using your home phone (land line) to call a private investigator and don’t call from inside your home. Calls from a land line phone can be easily documented and traced and your spouse could have a listening device in the house to monitor your actions. If you want to keep your investigation discreet, take caution in communicating with your investigator.

What type of jobs are the most common for a private investigator.

Most of our work is gathering information through discovery process. A cheating spouse or business partner, caregiver's actions, employee claims. Accurate Studies can installing or find hidden devices such as cameras, audio recorders, vehicle trackers and cell phone spying apps. If you feel that someone is spying on you, call us find the equipment or software. We can inform clients on how to find clues about their spouse or children’s behavior as well.

How does your ability stand out from investigators?

We excel because we specialize in affair discovery and behavior monitoring. We are licensed private detectives. Call us for free advice anytime! 678-321-6897.

What do you find the most rewarding about your profession?

Our agency helps people uncover the truth. Most of the time the discovery process is quite emotional for the client, and we are there to help when no one else can.

What hours are you available for the client?

We are available to perform our investigative services 24 hours a day.

Is it legal to track a vehicle?

It ultimately depends on the state you live in, but most likely yes, it is legal.

How long does an investigation take, and what is the cost?

Guessing the amount of time needed to uncover the information you need is just that, a guess. But we will provide you with a a specific quote to achieve your goal. The cost is competitive, and remember, we have all of the necessary tools to be successful including computer equipped vehicles with internet access, spy cameras, GPS trackers, computer spyware and a database with over 2 billion records to identify virtually anyone living in the United States.

What are the best attributes of a good investigator?

Law enforcement experience can make a great private investigator, however, we have found that other backgrounds also product great investigators. The traits to make a great investigator are attention to detail, patience and empathy with clients.

Are there continuing education requirements for private investigators?

Yes. 16 hours of continued education each year is required to be in compliance with the State of Georgia regulations. Many of our investigators are weapons certified.

What is your pricing system for your service?

We require an initial retainer fee as a deposit. We charge an hourly rate against the retainer, and once used up, the client would need to replenish the retainer. Our hourly rate ranges from $60 – 85 per hour. Each week the client will receive an itemized statement of services provided and is expected to pay any balance prior to the end of the next calendar week.

What is your asset as a private investigator?

Assisting clients cope with their crisis and making good decisions outside of the emotional realm. Also being able to investigate people undetected.

Get the Answers

Are you being consumed with doubts? It is so much better to know what is going on behind your back, then worrying about it. Call us today for a very discreet investigation. We are licensed and highly experienced in surveillance, and can provide the proof you need to stay ahead of any deception.
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