Private Investigations and Process Service

Your Cheating Spouse in Atlanta, GA

Most of the time, if a client feels his or her spouse is cheating, they are correct. With cheating spouses in Atlanta being at an all time high, uncovering evidence of the infidelity can be a milestone event when it comes to divorce, and the courtroom outcome.

Infidelity of a spouse is an overwhelming emotional burden that renders most people unable to make good decisions. Our services include investigation of spouse's movements and meetings, with usage of photography and video, which can be used in court, and will make a world of difference. If your spouse is already cheating, they are lying and hiding their behavior, which will only worsen in court. Proof is your only protection.

We can also help you see things more clearly as we are unemotionally involved and there to assist you through this difficult period. We are very discreet, your partner will never know of our existence, and, in case of innocense, your trust will not be jeopardized.

We can help put your mind at ease by knowing the truth. Not knowing, imagining and wondering is crippling. Let us provide you with the answers so you can make the proper plans to keep your life enjoyable and free of deception.


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Relieved Client Says

“I hired Accurate Studies and Observations to help me determine who was stealing from the warehouse. I was worried it was my foreman, who has been with me for 20 years, and I hated the thought of firing him, which I was prepared to do. ASO installed hidden cameras and we caught the culprit, who was still a surprise, and we have the video tape to prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. Without ASO, I might have fired the wrong man.”
John Emerson, Lawrenceville.