Private Investigations and Process Service

Your Cheating Spouse in Atlanta, GA

Most of the time, if a client feels his or her spouse is cheating, they are correct. With cheating spouses in Atlanta being at an all time high, uncovering evidence of the infidelity can be a milestone event when it comes to divorce, and the courtroom outcome.


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Background Checks

Professional Background Checks by licensed private investigator reveals the past and present history of any subject you want to know more about, whether it is for a job application, promotion, security clearance, business partnership or personal relationship. Know exactly who ...

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Relieved Client Says

“I hired Accurate Studies and Observations to help me determine who was stealing from the warehouse. I was worried it was my foreman, who has been with me for 20 years, and I hated the thought of firing him, which I was prepared to do. ASO installed hidden cameras and we caught the culprit, who was still a surprise, and we have the video tape to prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. Without ASO, I might have fired the wrong man.”
John Emerson, Lawrenceville.