Private Investigations and Process Service

Marvin Suttles has been successful providing invetigative services to one of our largest clients. He originally was referred to us by one of our attorneys, and we have used him ourselves successfully on many occations.

Arthur V.
Atlanta, Georgia

We have been using Accurate Studies and Observations Investigations for several years now and they have been very successful in their reports to us. They have a strong work ethic and seem to have that instinct that gives them the leading edge in uncovering the truth. I guess the bottom line is they have saved us millions of dollars on fraudulent claims. We highly recommend them!

Michael G.
Atlanta, GA

Our firm has worked with many private investigation firms and the results have been both successful and dismal. We have now had the pleasure of working with Accurate Studies and Observations, and Marvin Suttles numerous times now and have been very pleased with the their results, and the way they handled the cases. They reported their hours and efforts in an open and above board manner, and their pricing was fair. I believe they are the best investigative firm in the area. We can recommend them without reservation.

Rodney A.
Lawrenceville, GA

Accurate Studies and Observations Investigations is the most professional and well organized agency that I have ever dealt with.  I had worked with Marvin several times now and am very impressed. I will use them again when the circumstances present themselves. He kept me abreast daily and gave me comprehensive reports. The results were more than I expection, including high quality video which I was later able to successfully use in court. He was very professional, responsive and informative. And he got me the answers I needed, which saved me a bundle, not to mention the peace of mind to know my suspiciouns were correct. I highly recommend him and his firm to anyone needing investigative services.

Lynne B.
Helen, GA

Marvin and his team photographed and reported what I suspected was happening and provided video and written reports to help foil a dishonest partner. He saved me countless hours and money trying to deal with my problems. His pricing was a lot less than I expected, and little does he know, I would have paid him triple for the information he uncovered. I am deeply indebt to Accurate Studies and can recommend them to anyone needing an investigator.

Nassau, Bahamas

As a divorce lawyer, I have had numerous occasion to employ Accurate Studies and Observations for my clients. His meticulous reports, findings, photos and video have been a great service to my clients and have helped bring success to my clients and my ability as a lawyer. We are very grateful and can recommend him to anyone needing to figure out what is really going on behind their back. Better to know than to guess we think. His professionalism is well worth the small investment into investigative services.

Donald P.

Divorce Attorney
Gainesville, GA



Relieved Client Says

“I hired Accurate Studies and Observations to help me determine who was stealing from the warehouse. I was worried it was my foreman, who has been with me for 20 years, and I hated the thought of firing him, which I was prepared to do. ASO installed hidden cameras and we caught the culprit, who was still a surprise, and we have the video tape to prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. Without ASO, I might have fired the wrong man.”
John Emerson, Lawrenceville.